New Dental Plan

Dental Insurance insurance is a vital option for many individuals

Group Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance Coverage up to $3,000 in paid benefits per person per year, with 100% coverage for preventive services, 80% coverage for basic services, and 50% coverage for major services1.

Coverage is good at any dentist in or out of the DenteMax PPO network. Because every DenteMax PPO dentist is contracted to a set fee schedule, you’re likely to be charged less (and pay less out of pocket) at an in-network provider than an out-of-network provider2.

  • No Annual Deductible
  • $25 Copay per Visit
  • 100% Coverage2 for Class I (Preventive) services, including:
    • Comprehensive & Periodic Oral Exams (once every 6 months)
    • Bitewing X-Rays (once every 6 months)
    • Cleanings (two per year)
    • Fluoride Treatments (once every 12 months; up to age 19)
  • 80% Coverage2 for Class II (Basic) services, including:
    • Intraoral & Panoramic Radiographs/X-Rays (complete series or panoramic covered once per 36 months)
    • Simple Extractions (including local anesthesia and routine post-operative care)
    • Fillings (including composite resin)
    • Emergency Palliative Treatment (to relieve pain)
    • Sealants (children age 6-15 only)
  • 50% Coverage2 for Class III (Major) services, including:
    • Oral Surgery
    • Endodontic services (e.g., root canals)
    • Periodontal services (e.g., gum disease)
    • Major Restorative services (crowns, inlays, and onlays)
    • Prosthodontics (e.g., bridges, implants, and dentures)
    • Space Maintainers
  • $3,000 Maximum in Paid Benefits per person per year
  • Initial 12-month Waiting Period for Class III Major services only
  • Nationwide PPO network (DenteMax PlusNetwork)
  • Benefits Payable at any Dental Provider, including Out-of-Network Providers2

Maximum Allowable Charge Plan (MAC)
This product is a MAC plan which is a type of PPO plan where you receive greater benefits and less out of pocket expense by going to an in-network provider. Services completed by an out-of-network provider will most likely incur charges beyond what the contracted provider would charge for the same procedure.

  • 1 Coverage for Class III Major services is subject to an initial 12-month Waiting Period
  • 2 The maximum payable benefit for any covered service is based on the Maximum Allowable Charge for that service, as determined by statistical samples and the geographic area in which the service is rendered. Unlike in-network providers, out-of-network providers are not contracted to a set fee schedule and therefore could exceed the Maximum Allowable Charge for any services performed.
  • Review the full terms, definitions, limitations, and exclusions in the Certificate of Insurance.

Insurance coverage underwritten by First Continental Life & Accident Insurance Company


Reasons to consider accident insurance


Anyone can have an accident at any time, so adding an insurance plan to the mix can be worthwhile for many individuals.


While many situations are covered such as eye injuries, fractures, and the aforementioned items, accident insurance doesn’t cover some areas.


Areas such as suicide, self-inflicted injuries, or injuries that happen while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or considered reckless may not be covered. At the same time, if you have an accident prior to purchasing an insurance plan, they will not be covered.


No matter your age, accident insurance plans are always a solid option to add and complement an existing health plan.


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