Discover Health Insurance Plans from Top Providers

Health insurance can be a costly expense for individuals, families and businesses alike. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Finding the right plan through the Healthcare Marketplace or other websites can be a challenging task with few options.


In addition, for the past few years, health insurance premiums have risen slightly year-to-year. While health insurance may not be cheap, not having the best plan or foregoing it all together will cost you more money down the line.


Over the years, our team has helped clients save time and money in selecting plans with our consultative approach to insurance plan selection.

Individual/Family Health Plans

Keep yourself protected from out-of-pocket expenses with an individual health care plan from one of our selected providers. In addition, if you are seeking health insurance plans for the entire family, our team can help select the right option based on your needs.

Group Insurance Plans

We offer a mix of health care plans for small to medium size businesses that consist of top providers across the nation.


At FMIGHealth, we work for you and find the best plan that fits your needs, level of care, and of course – your budget. We aim to streamline the process and take out any obstacles that make it difficult or tiresome.

Insurance Plan Providers

National General

We find the best insurance plan for you

So, what separates FMIGHealth from other companies selling health insurance plans?


One of our hallmarks is that we take a one-on-one approach to listening to your needs and shopping the market for multiple carriers.


We understand there should be price points to fit every budget and also individuals need different coverage options depending on their level of care.


From short term medical plans to dental and life insurance, we can help you select hybrid plans that cover all areas of concern.


Explore Additional Insurance Plans

Health Insurance


Health insurance provides important financial protection in case you have a serious accident or sickness.



Preventative care visits and dental checkups are covered under many dental plans. Consult with a member of FMIG to select a plan that works for you



Add another element of protection in case you become injured and have expenses your medical insurance doesn’t cover. Our team can assist you with a mix of options.



If you’re 65 or older, explore the benefits of a Medicare plan. Our agents will help you understand all four types and the best options in coverage.

Life Insruance


Know the benefits of life insurance and purchase a plan based on your needs. From term life insurance to other varieties, we will help select the right plan for you.

Critical Care

Critical Care

Medical emergencies such as heart attack, stroke, or cancer may require additional coverage that falls under critical care insurance. Understanding these risks and your situation is key in finding the best options.