Group insurance plansfor all business types and sizes

Providing health insurance benefits to your employees is a great strategy to increase employee retention and productivity.

A good group plan can help recruit new talent into your business and give you a competitive edge in employment markets.

FMIGHealth can build a custom plan for your business that allows you to make health insurance affordable for your employees.

We offer health plans from major providers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, and others. No matter your budget, FMIGHealth will help you navigate the health insurance landscape

FMIGHealth offers comprehensive coverage

If you are searching for group insurance plans, FMIGHealth offers comprehensive coverage and plans that are an ideal fit for many small to medium businesses.

We offer the lowest costs on group plans in Middle Tennessee and one of our hallmarks is that you receive a dedicated, local service agent. With each client, we work to find the best plans possible.

Group insurance can not only be advantageous for employers, but employees will have a sense of security knowing their mental and physical needs are covered through insurance.

When working with FMIGHealth on a group plan, you will receive:

Comprehensive coverage

Lowest costs in Middle Tennesse

Local service agent

Extension of HR department

Cash back feature

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Save up to 30% on quality health insurance

Major carriers have made exciting new changes.

Plans are now available that can help individuals and families secure quality health insurance at a substantial discount. Traditional benefit designs backed by the best carriers in the nation including United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield and National General.

No discount plans or limited medical policies. True medical insurance!

Benefits packages include:

100% Annual Checkup Preventative Care/Wellness Coverage

Telemedicine 24/17 Free Access to a licensed physician on call

Doctor Visit Co-pays Small, Predictable responsibility on office visits

Prescription Drug Co-pays Tiered co-pay card. Co-pays start at $1

Traditional Medical Insurance Coverage on Major Medical Claims

Multiple Carriers so we can shop and make sure you get the lowest rate

Integrate with Payroll Programs

FMIGHealth makes it easy to automate health insurance premiums. Whether your company pays, your employees pay, or you split costs, FMIG can integrate seamlessly with your payroll company and software.

Shop All National Carriers

FMIGHealth does not represent just one health insurance carrier. We shop every major health insurance carrier across the nation to ensure the best price and coverage options that benefit your company and employees.

Personalized Employee Consultation

We don’t just sell one size fits all health insurance plans. We can provide individual consultation with each of your employees to discuss specific healthcare needs including PPO coverage and pre-existing conditions.