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Critical care insurance adds protection for emergencies

While no one can predict the future, life events such as cancer or a stroke can take their toll on many Americans.

In turn, these big health emergencies can rack up more costs than traditional health plans will cover.

To stay protected during a time such as this, critical care insurance should be part of your healthcare mix.

Critical care insurance covers medical emergencies

Life-changing events can take their toll on an individual or family financially, but with critical illness coverage, these costs can be reduced.

Common medical emergencies that are covered under this type of insurance include the following:

• Cancer

• Heart Attack

• Stroke

• Organ transplantsMany critical illness policies are available at a low cost, but they do cover a few different illnesses or emergencies.

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Critical Care Insurance FAQ

How does critical care insurance work?

Some times, you may need more coverage than a standard health care plan covers. With critical care insurance plans, additional coverage is provided in case of stroke, cancers, or other serious illnesses.

When should I purchase critical care insurance?

Critical illness insurance can be explored at any stage of life, but there is a unique curve with benefits and age. As you get older, premiums may rise while benefits go down. In the same manner, premiums can rise on a yearly basis.