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Health Insurance Plans


We simplify how you buy health insurance.


Our commitment to you as a customer is to keep the process simple when selecting health insurance.


From individual, family, or group health plans to dental insurance, our team works for you to ease worry and stress while giving you peace of mind that you are insured and covered.


FMIGHealth has a team with extensive experience and knowledge in the health insurance world. We act as the liaison between you and insurance providers and will shop the best rates and plans for you.


Our quotes are free to explore all of the options and plans and we’ll be here to assist you with any questions.

health insurance plans

Receive your health insurance plan today


Getting started with FMIGHealth is a simple process. Follow the steps below and a member of our team will search for coverage options through some of the top providers. During the process, you will have a dedicated agent who will be able to answer any questions regarding your health insurance picture.

  • Contact FMIGHealth

    To get started, contact FMIGHealth by calling us or filling out a contact form and detailing specific information regarding your healthcare picture.

  • Receive a Quote

    After speaking with you, we'll gather rates and plans that fit your specific health care needs.

  • Finalize an Insurance Plan

    Once you've reviewed your options, you will select a plan and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Live Healthy

    Once you have a plan in place, enjoy the benefits and maintain regular doctor's appointments and maintain your best life.

Insurance Plans


At FMIGHealth, we offer a mix of insurance plans that range from health plans for individuals and businesses to life insurance and more. For more information, visit each section to learn how FMIGHealth can help you obtain a health plan for your needs. 

Health Insurance


Health insurance provides important financial protection in case you have a serious accident or sickness.



Preventative care visits and dental checkups are covered under many dental plans. Consult with a member of FMIG to select a plan that works for you



Add another element of protection in case you become injured and have expenses your medical insurance doesn’t cover. Our team can assist you with a mix of options.



If you’re 65 or older, explore the benefits of a Medicare plan. Our agents will help you understand all four types and the best options in coverage.

Life Insruance


Know the benefits of life insurance and purchase a plan based on your needs. From term life insurance to other varieties, we will help select the right plan for you.

Critical Care

Critical Care

Medical emergencies such as heart attack, stroke, or cancer may require additional coverage that falls under critical care insurance. Understanding these risks and your situation is key in finding the best options.