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Add a Dental Insurance Planto your mix of coverage

When thinking about your health, you should also consider your dental health as it is important to your overall health profile as well.

As you shop for dental insurance plans, you’ll find there are a mix of options that are accessible, so keep in mind the level of service and care that is appropriate for you and your family.

Within most cases, dental insurance plans have the following benefits:

Preventive care options which cover routine teeth cleanings

Basic services such as cavity fillings or emergency dental treatment

Major services which include dental services such as root canals, dentures, bridges or similar work

Understand the benefits of dental insurance

Regular care and maintenance of your teeth, mouth and gums are important no matter your age.

Tooth decay and other issues can arise if you don’t have regular visits to the dentist. So staying on track with dental visits and checkups are important to long-term oral health.

Many people do not visit the dentist regularly because of the cost. But finding the right plan based on your needs and budget is easier today and should be explored.

Dental insurance can be purchased individually or with a group.

Dental Insurance FAQ

What does dental insurance cost?

In comparison to health insurance, dental insurance is usually a less expensive option in most cases and can range from $15-$50 per month according to Money Under 30. Breaking these numbers down to yearly totals, you can expect to pay $180 – $600 annually for dental insurance.

How do you purchase dental insurance?

Many employers offer dental insurance options and this is usually the most cost-effective. But you can also purchase dental insurance individually from a private insurance carrier alongside a health insurance plan or as a single product.

What type of dental coverage should you consider when selecting a plan?

First, understand the type of care you need. If you need basic dental care, then most plans cover preventative care for cleanings and checkups.

If you need a higher level of care, then you should seek a plan that covers a higher percentage of restorative care and major restorative services.

Basic restorative services include fillings, extractions, and fixing work from crowns or bridges.

On the other hand, major restorative services include root canals, bridges and crowns.