Kimeo Smith Agency, LLC

Kimeo Smith is in business to assist residents of Kimeo Smith Agency and beyond with their personal insurance needs. For years, Mr. Smith has helped individuals, families and businesses find the most appropriate and most affordable insurance coverage available.

The agency’s main goal is to be a source for knowledge and education. The insurance process is a complicated one – full of specifications, requirements and other details that are hard to interpret for many individuals. What is covered? When does it apply? How much will it cost? All of these questions and more can be answered when you choose Kimeo Smith Agency.

We’ll sit down and discuss your life, your assets and your financial situation to discover a customized insurance plan to meet your needs. Whether you’re a single young professional or a middle-aged homeowner with three kids, we’ll find the right insurance options for you.

Outside of his agency, Kimeo Smith has dedicated much of his time to the local community. He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, the Nashville City Club and the Middle Tennessee Urban League. He has also been a member of the local Big Brother, Big Sister branch for over five years.

Our agency is dedicated to helping Tennessee residents and businesses find the right insurance coverage for their specific needs. To get started with our hardworking agency, call us today at (615) 438-1893.