Lance Chandler

the dedicated insurance advisor and founder of 615 Insurance Agency, LLC, brings a wealth of experience and commitment to the vibrant community of Murfreesboro, Middle Tennessee. Established in 2022, 615 Insurance Agency takes pride in its roots, symbolized by the iconic area code ‘615,’ representing community unity.

At 615 Insurance Agency, Lance and his team redefine insurance as more than just financial protection; it’s a comprehensive shield offering peace of mind. With a keen understanding of consumer needs and market trends, Lance analyzes insurance complexities and loss ratios to craft tailored, all-encompassing plans that meet specific client requirements.

The agency’s mission revolves around guiding clients to optimal insurance coverage and financial security throughout life’s various stages. Whether it’s a first home, a new car, or securing family financial peace, 615 Insurance Agency treats every client like cherished family.

Integrity is at the core of the agency’s values, shaping client relationships through honesty, transparency, professionalism, and superior service. Lance Chandler, as a committed insurance advisor, embraces guiding clients through life’s phases, from buying a new home to ensuring financial stability for their loved ones.

615 Insurance Agency goes beyond being just an insurance provider; it fosters a sense of belonging for its clients. Trust, built on honesty and transparency, is fundamental to the agency’s approach, ensuring clients always come first.

Leveraging Lance’s extensive insurance experience gained from top-ranked firms and corporate brokerages in Middle Tennessee, the agency offers expertise in navigating the insurance landscape. Lance’s commitment to service extends beyond the professional realm, actively engaging in community endeavors such as Elite Studios Works and Murfreesboro Young Professionals.

Clients are invited to connect with Lance Chandler to explore comprehensive coverage plans for their families, homes, businesses, and automobiles. At 615 Insurance Agency, the focus is on ensuring peace of mind and security, guiding clients on their journey toward complete protection. Welcome to 615 Insurance Agency, where your protection is the top priority.

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