We are exploring options for our employee benefits for the upcoming year.  There have been some exciting legislative changes that have taken effect to help small businesses provide expanded options, tax credits, and control for the employees over the benefit choices.

Premier Paws is working with a local brokerage that specializes in multiple strategies that always put the needs of a client as a primary focus.

As we evaluate the choice of renewing with our current carrier, First Mutual has offered to provide their consultation to provide an alternative.

The approach is to allow employees to:

    • Comparison shop all of the top rated carriers side by side to choose the best fit.  Carrier choices include BCBS, United, Cigna, and more.
    • Secure the coverage on an individual basis which means each employee will have the control to make the choice best for their specific needs.
    • Tax credits have been expanded and can have a very positive impact for employees.  Our current strategy only shares costs between the company and employees.  This new approach will allow for financial assistance that can help keep costs affordable for everyone without jeopardizing the quality of the coverage.

This initial step will be to work with First Mutual’s personal, licensed agent, Greg Jenkins.  He and his team will conduct a very simple interview and then set up a secondary call to go over the best options based on what specific needs you feel are essential.

To help this process please be prepared to provide the following on your call:

    • Physicians or hospitals that are important to you
    • Current prescriptions
    • Estimated family income for 2024

On the right hand side of this page you can provide your information along with a good contact number.  You can schedule an appointment at your convenience.  We are trying to complete this step with all employees within the next five to ten business days.  This will give us enough time to evaluate this strategy and get employee feedback and concerns.